A Simple Idea

The idea was simple: a space that could allow for multiple things to co-exist while helping shoulder the costs of having a stable home. Knoxville is home to over two dozen performing arts groups, a growing creative & maker community, and many talented musicians. We knew that we could host a variety of events and performances, while still be cost effective to small creative businesses who needed a place to teach or show off their work. 

Located in the up & coming Happy Holler neighborhood, the old Colonial Cleaners building was the perfect size and location for our needs. The building was in need of repairs, and in order to secure the space, we presented the project to the Knoxville community for crowd-funding. We raised close to $8000 for the project, and soon after, our dream began to take shape. 

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Our doors opened January 14, 2017 and since then we've hosted theatre, opera, workshops, live music, recitals, poetry readings, musicals, as well as private events and parties. 

We remain committed to elevating Knoxville's performing artists & providing a flexible home for those with creative dreams.